Miquel Lacasta, Ph.D. Co-Founder at ARCHIKUBIK and also at @kubik – multidisciplinary space. He earned a Ph.D. with honors (cum laude) at ESARQ Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, M.arch at ESARQ Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, and graduated as architect at ETSAB Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Miquel is an Associate Professor at ESARQ since 1996. He recently did lectures at ITSEM Guadalajara, Mexico, Facolta di Architettura di l’Alghero, Italy, msa Münster School of Architecture, Münster Germany, the IBM Think Tank at Paris, France, and several universities and organizations in Spain.
www.archikubik.com | @miquelacasta

Concepció Peig Ginabreda, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer in Art with several years teaching experience in different universities. Research carried out in the area of artistic and architectural culture. An expert in architectural space: function, form and meaning and in the creative processes of plastic images. At present conducting research into Mediterranean cities, -“relational” traits and experiences at the urban and architectural level-, in the project The Mediterranean: a shared heritage. In addition, the relationship between nature and art: plastic and “architectural imaginary” solutions in artists such as A. Gaudí and J.M. Jujol, etc., as well as their impact on the design and culture of the present day.

Manuel Arenas, (Barcelona 1955). Architect, and researcher on issues related with art, architecture and academics as director of Graphic Expresion at the ESARQ-UIC, the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura in the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. (1998-2011) in Barcelona.

Ethel Baraona Pohl. Architect, writer and blogger developing her professional [net]work linked to several architecture publications on projects and theory. Contributing editor at Domus, Quaderns and MAS Context, among other blogs and printed magazines. She has been invited to present her work in events like Postópolis! DF, and the international architectrure festival Eme3. Currently she is Associate Curator at the Istanbul Design Biennial. She is co-founder of the independent publishing house dpr-barcelona.
www.dpr-barcelona.com | @ethel_baraona

Guillem Carabí. PhD Architect by the ESARQ-UIC (2012). Since 1998, he has been practicing, teaching and researching. In 2006, he started his participation at two public institutions: the Town Council of Sant Joan Despí and the COAC demarcation at Baix Llobregat, teaching a monographic research concerning the oeuvre of Josep M. Jujol. The material documented on this research, was exhibited on “Taller Jujol” [2007] in Can Negre. Currently, he is professor of architectural graphic expression at ESARQ-UIC, and teaching at the European Institute of Design. His main line of research is based in the environment and processes of abstraction on the work of Josep M. Jujol.
http://arquitectes.coac.net/carabi | @bcncarabi

César Reyes Nájera. Architect. PhD in Bio-climatic Construction Systems and Materials. Co-founder of dpr-barcelona. His work seeks a thermodynamic approach to architecture focusing on social issues. His research deals with the development and application of low-tech biomaterials for architecture. Their projects at dpr-barcelona, both digital and printed, transcend the boundaries of conventional publications, approaching to those which are probably the titles of architecture in the future.
www.dpr-barcelona.com | @dpr_barcelona | @cerreyes


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