Urban Sprawl

In this feature length film Gary Burns, Canada’s king of surreal comedy, joins journalist Jim Brown on an outing to the suburbs. Venturing into territory both familiar and foreign, they turn the documentary genre inside out, crafting a vivid account of life in The Late Suburban Age.

Kenneth Chisholm reviewed the film with this words:

Since the end of World War II, one of kind of urban residential development has dominate how cities in North America have grown, the suburbs. In these artificial neighborhoods, there is a sense of careless sprawl in an car dominated culture that ineffectually tries to create the more organically grown older communities. Interspersed with the comments of various experts about the nature of suburbia, we follow the lives of various inhabitants of this pervasive urban sprawl and hear their thoughts. However at the end, there is a twist that plays on the falseness of the world in they live.

Below you can see the trailer of the documentary:


Trying to understand the nature of rapid urbanisation, Rem Koolhaas was involved in this research that started in 2006. Even if our Master Programme is focused on the concept of “relational city”, from time to time, we’re going to share some info and projects completely opposite to this approach, to have some references about what’s happening in the current cities and how urban sprawl is a is a dominant trend nowadays. We can read at the project description:

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